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Live: The Bowling Team

Live: The Bowling Team

The bowling team
time 21:00

3 février 2018

Live: The Bowling Team

For some reason that even they don’t understand, an American and two Englishmen living in Paris have formed ‘The Bowling Team’, the weird thing is they don’t bowl, instead they play music.

They roll raw bare boned rock songs down the alley that talk about love, life, death, hope, forgiveness, sex, politics and all with sardonic cutting humor.

• On guitar and vocals, the renowned American painter Troy Henriksen, who’s still convinced he’s Arthur Rimbaud with a pencil and a paint brush. He writes songs like his paintings …
brute, emotional and imposing.

• On drums, Lucas Fox, formerly with Motörhead and Warsaw Pakt is convinced he’s ‘mellowed out’ since surviving his crazy days (or so he thinks). Now he’s back on the block pumping out abstract drumming from another world.

• On bass and guitar, record producer and engineer Steven Forward for some abstract reason decided to get back on stage.
After years trying to tell people what to play now he’s got to play it himself as part of The Bowling Team …and It hurts !

Together, these three friends generate an infective raw energy that comes straight at you from the streets of New York City and London Town … via Paris !

Put on those bowling shoes and strap in tight …
It’s going to be a bumpy flight !