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Live: Opium Dream Estate

Live: Opium Dream Estate

time 21:00

27 mai 2017

Opium Dream Estate is a Paris-based band, that released three albums, four EPs and two singles, most of them praised by the medias (magazines, webzines), played in Europe (France, England, Switzerland… ), with bands and artists such as Autumn Shade, Dave Graney, Lloyd Project, Serafine… Combining various music genres such as gothic folk, indie rock, ambient, blues, psychedelic… Opium Dream Estate is a dark musical and sensorial experience, delivering a unique sound of heavy and ethereal atmospheres.
Membres du groupe:
– Sébastyén D. (vocals, guitars, banjo, keyboards)
– Mitch Sérié (bass)
– Hellebore (keyboards, piano, vocals)
– Clément Duboscq (drums, backing vocals) (stage)

Maison de disques:
Seventh Crow Records
The White Room
More Than Folk Records

+ Dj Set by El Viernes Skid Club