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Live : 6 Feet Down

Live : 6 Feet Down

time 21:00

2 décembre 2017

6 FEET DOWN is a French psychobilly band formed in early 2003 and composed of Gérald (guitar/lead vocals), David (slapbass/backing vocals) and now Seb on drums since beginning of 2014. 6 Feet Down plays a melodic but explosive psychobilly, varied with fuckin’ energy on stage.

During the last 11 years, many songs were written to find their own style and they performed in about 200 concerts. In 2006, a demo was recorded to promote their music, and then they become well known in the international psychobilly scene, start some dates in Europe (Spain, Sweden, Belgium and England). From this demo also follows itself 2 apparitions of the song Not Alive in two Spanish and English compilations.

In result of all this experience was released in 2010 the 1st album “One Night in Hell”, distributed by Crazy Love Record. This album contain 11 powerful psychobilly songs made of pure 6 Feet’ music style. Then the band continue to play its music wherever they can, giving everything on stage.

In 2012, with more musical and human experience, the band decided to record a 2nd album. Full of new sounds, influences and hard work, this new material called “Strange” and released in early 2013 on Wolverine Records, will make you discover a new face of the band with the richness of its varied compositions, but always with power and melody.

After 11 years of existence and with the help of a new drummer, the adventure continue for 6 Feet Down, stronger than ever !!!